Polyurethane Suspension Tuning Rings – Snow (Pair)


Polyurethane Suspension Tuning Rings

  • Polyurethane Suspension Tuning Rings improve your suspensions energy management resulting in greater performance without sacrificing ride comfort
    • Designed to easily mount between the coils of your suspensions springs with no tools required
  • PolyTune™ Rings provide a simple approach to tuning your stock suspension for a greater level of performance;
    • Flatter handing for faster cornering speeds and control
    • Improved overall machine stability, comfort, and safety
    • Provides a more progressive spring calibration for faster reaction times
    • Better control by reducing your suspensions lateral roll, dive and squat
    • Improved damping for better noise, vibration and harshness resulting in less rider fatigue
  • Helps to control “shock loading” and “body roll forces” improving tracking in all conditions
    • Keeps your skis firmly planted to the ground for better traction and rough trail compliance
  • Proprietary polyurethane material (industries best) maintains performance characteristics from -45 degrees to +200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • PolyTune™ Rings come in three different tuning densities to match your individual riding style/preference; -soft/medium/hard
  • Available in black to match most shock/sled color themes -custom colors available soon
  • It’s automotive racing suspension technology for the powersports industry
  • Convenience, innovation, safety and performance. Just what you expect from Biteharder


You ride at moderate speeds but want better overall control of your machine


You ride at moderate to aggressive speeds depending on conditions but want more performance particularly in the corners and bumps


You are an aggressive rider who demands fast corners and enjoys the bumps

NOTE: PolyTune™ Suspension Rings come in four different height configurations to match your snowmobiles specific suspension. You will need to measure the spacing between the coils on your suspension before continuing with your order.

Polyurethane Suspension Tuning Rings (Snow) Use Instructions

Download English InstructionsDownload French Instructions


With your front coil springs adjusted for your individual riding style, measure the distance between the coils (See Diagram), with your machine on the ground under its own weight.



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