The First Ever Carbide Runner and Stud Sharpening Tools

Snowmobilers know that there is nothing better than riding on sharp carbide runners and studs. Sharp runners let you experience all the cornering performance and safety that is designed into your snowmobile, and sharp studs allow for better grip when accelerating and stopping – particularly in emergency situations.

With the use of a cordless drill, our STD Series Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool allows you to quickly put a new edge on your carbide runners without the need to remove them from your snowmobile! Our patented AdvantEDGE Technology creates an edge that even outperforms the factory edge on new carbide runners.

Our PRO Series Stud Sharpening Tool allows you to sharpen all the studs in your track in as little as 30 minutes, giving you an edge that will dig deeper into whatever conditions you encounter.

Our 12 Volt Carbide Grinder uses the power of your snowmobiles battery to sharpen your carbide runners. It’s even small enough to be stored with your tool kit. Talk about convenience!

Our Side Support Pole holds your snowmobile on its side at any angle, for easy sharpening of your carbide runners or studs, adjusting your suspension, or inspecting your track.

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Stay sharp. Get the BITEHARDER AdvantEDGE today, and experience the best ride on snow. It’s “PERFORMANCE THAT PAYS FOR ITSELF”.


Providing the best edge in the industry

The Portable Series BITEHARDER sharpening tool is CNC machined from a single billet of high-quality steel to precise tolerances. Industrial diamonds on the face of the tool provide the cutting media to sharpen the carbide runner. Proud to be made in the U.S.A.

Benefits of the Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool

  • The best carbide edge on snow We call this our AdvantEDGE Technology and it allows you to put a better edge than what you get from the carbide manufacturer allowing for approximately 250 miles of riding between sharpenings.
  • Improved handling and control Experience the full benefits of your snowmobiles technology and innovation every time you head out on the trail. No more compromises or frustrations that come with dull carbide runners, just consistent performance in all conditions.
  • More precision through the corners Corner like you never have before with more precision and confidence.
  • Convenience Sharpen your runners, with the use of a cordless drill, in less than a minute, without the need to remove the runners from your snowmobile.
  • Safer riding BITEHARDER Technology provides better handling, improved control for the safest ride possible.
  • The best edge in handling and performance Experience the maximum performance your sled has to offer with BITEHARDER.

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- Diamond Technology and Incredible Results

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for improved cornering, performance, and safety

Sharp carbide runners and studs improve your riding experience

Save hundreds of dollars each year by sharpening and not replacing your worn carbide runners and studs

Sharp carbide runners and studs provide better handling resulting in more rider confidence and safety


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Riding on worn carbide runners or studs is like ice skating with dull blades, or snow skiing without good edges.

Starting at only $64.95, BITEHARDER's diamond-coated sharpening technology can quickly and cost effectively sharpen your carbide every time you ride, allowing you to achieve the best handling and performance your snowmobile has to offer.