How many times can I sharpen my carbide runners with the BITEHARDER® Tool?

Like any cutting tool (drill, grinding wheel, etc.), the life expectance of your tool is a factor of how you use the tool. A comprehensive instruction sheet can be found HERE.

To get the longest life from your BITEHARDER tool we suggest you start with a new set of carbide runners, or a pair that has less than 500 miles on them.

With the BITEHARDER AdvantEDGE™ your carbides will stay sharp up to 250 miles depending on riding conditions. Each tool will provide up to 40 or more sharpening (single runner count).

That’s up to 5000 miles of your snowmobile has a total of two runners (one per ski), or 2500 miles if your snowmobile has a total of four runners (two per ski).

Carbide runners that have never been sharpened and are extremely worn will take longer to establish an edge, and shorten the life of your tool.

What angle does the BITEHARDER® Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool cut on the edge of the runner?

The BITEHARDER® Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool is designed to sharpen any carbide runner, regardless of the stock angle that comes from the manufacturer.

The geometry of the tool allows you to put an “extended edge” on the carbide runner that we call our AdvantEDGE™. This allows you to maintain a consistent edge over more miles of riding.

Testing has shown that the BITEHARDER® AdvantEDGE™ even outperforms the factory edge you receive from a new set of carbide runners.

What is the cost benefit to sharpening my own carbide runners with the BITEHARDER® Sharpening Tool?

Replace your runners and expect to pay upwards of $160.00-$200.00 per pair (installation cost/time not included):
Cost $80.00 per edge  –  Result New runners will be dull within 100 to 150 miles.

Sharpen your runners with the BITEHARDER® Sharpening Tool which costs only $64.95:
Cost About $2.00 per edge  –  Result Sharp edges every time you go out for the best ride possible

What is the benefit of the Professional Series Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool over the Standard Series Portable Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool?

Our BITEHARDER® Professional Series Tools use the same AdvantEDGE™ Technology as found in our STD Series Tool, but are designed to be used in a controlled shop environment.

Professional Series Tools operate at much higher RPM’s (10,000 minimum) using high speed pneumatic-style grinders.

Superior quality diamond media allow for more than 200 sharpening (single runner count).

Faster carbide removal make our PRO Series Tool perfect for repair shops that want to provide a sharpening service for their customers.

Does BITEHARDER offer a Standard Series Portable Stud Sharpening Tool?

Currently we only offer our Professional Series Stud Sharpening Tool, but a portable version is in the works for the future.

What are the terms of your warranty?

Your BITEHARDER® product is a precision sharpening tool manufactured to the highest quality standards, but will wear out over time. It is for this reason we can only process a return on products that have not been opened and were purchased within the last 30 days.

Now that I have my BITEHARDER® Sharpening Tool, all of my friends want me to sharpen their carbides. What should I do?

Help them out once, but then tell them to go to to order their own tool. Our manufacturing facility is set-up to ship the tool out the same day it is ordered.